Classes & Workshops

Lucy offers three specialized classes and workshops in her yoga movement practice. Please click on the link to learn more about each program.

Yoga Meets Dance™. Yoga Meets Dance™ is a unique melding of movement arts and yoga practice appropriate for all ages and abilities.

Creative Kids Yoga. Creative Kids Yoga™ was developed to make the benefits of yoga accessible to children of all ages, from toddlers to adolescents. Creative Kids Yoga™ combines yoga poses with creative dance activities adapted for children, considering factors such as age, anatomy, disposition and lifestyle.

Yoga Movement Therapy™ for Children With Autism and Other Special Needs. Lucy teaches classes specifically for children 3-18 years old affected by ASD and other special needs. Neurotypical siblings, parents and caretakers are encouraged to participate alongside their family members with ASD, making for a healthy and fun family activity.