Creative Kids Yoga™

Creative Kids Yoga™ was developed by Rosemary Todd Clough to make the benefits of yoga accessible to children of all ages, from toddlers to adolescents. Lucy received her Level I accreditation in Creative Kids Yoga™ at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA in 2009 and her Level II accreditation in Nashua, NH in 2010. In 2012 she completed her 200 hour certification. She has taught classes in CT and MA.

Much like Yoga Meets Dance™, Creative Kids Yoga™ combines yoga poses with creative dance activities. Creative Kids Yoga™ recognizes that yoga needs to be adapted for children, considering factors such as age, anatomy, disposition and lifestyle. It also acknowledges that children have different attention spans and needs than adults who pursue yoga. Creative Kids Yoga™ provides an important foundation for children to learn trust in their bodies in a safe and welcoming environment.

Lucy customizes each Creative Kids Yoga™ class based on the age and abilities of participants. A typical Creative Kids Yoga™ class involves centering breath work, a warm up exercise, and a special activity of the day which combines yoga and movement with another art form.  Classes end with a cool-down, relaxation and meditation activity adapted from the “savasana” that ends traditional yoga practice, or a guided imagery.

Creative Kids Yoga™ is based on the theory of multiple-intelligences, using the whole body and mind. It incorporates multiple levels of learning, from problem solving to spatial relationships.

Yoga poses used in Creative Kids Yoga™ are specially adapted for use with children and chosen based on their appropriateness to a child’s body. Creative Kids Yoga™ uses common-use terms to describe poses that children can relate to, such as cat and cow, crane, and sleeping baby for the cool-down meditation. Movement is incorporated into poses both to make them more fun, and to teach fine and gross motor skills.

Rosemary Todd Clough invented Yoga Dots for use in Creative Kids Yoga™. Instead of a rectangular mat, Yoga Dots are 12” colorful circles. Unlike rectangles, the Yoga Dots are easily set up in a circle and provide increased interactivity- no child is standing behind another’s back and all are facing each other. Children get to choose their own “dot” at the beginning of class and have a “home base” they can return to and work from.

Creative Kids Yoga™ classes are ideal for school, daycare, scouting and camp environments. Lucy also conducts Creative Kids Yoga™ sessions at birthday parties for a fun, unique and active addition to children’s celebrations. Contact Lucy about customized Creative Kids Yoga™ sessions, or check the classes and workshop calendar for Creative Kids Yoga classes in your area.

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