Yoga Meets Dance™

Yoga Meets Dance™ is a unique melding of movement arts and yoga practice developed by Beth Rigby, former teacher of Yoga Dance at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA. Lucy received her Yoga Meets Dance™ accreditation in 2006 in Frankfort, KY and her advanced training in 2008 in Sedona, AZ. She has taught classes and workshops in CT, NY, MA and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Dance and movement are essential ingredients in the Yoga Meets Dance™ experience. The music used throughout each class brings out joy, emotion, and release. Unlike traditional yoga or dance classes that can concentrate on perfection of poses or technique, Yoga Meets Dance™ focuses on the joy of movement for movement’s sake.

Each class is broken down into multiple short segments based on the elements of nature, beginning with Earth, grounding into the body with breathing, stretching and easy yoga postures. The rhythms gradually build moving through the sensuality of Water, the wildness of Fire, the freedom of Air and the sacredness of Spirit with easy-to-do free and guided dance movements. All of this is done to music that is a combination of world beat and new and old favorites.  The class ends with a long relaxation, based on the “savasana” of a typical yoga class. Participants leave feeling both calm and energized.

This program is appropriate for all ages and abilities, including young children, seniors, wheelchair-users, and special needs learners. Yoga Meets Dance™ provides the physical benefits of sports but in a non-competitive environment. It also provides a safe space to experience the joy of movement without constraint or judgment. While some classes may be adapted for particular populations, a typical class is a place where people of varying abilities and ages can come together for the same experience. As such, it’s a wonderful activity for families.  Participants are encouraged to choose their own energy expenditure and adapt the class to their own needs.

Yoga Meets Dance™ classes promote overall wellness, reduce stress, and encourage healing. Learn to re-connect with your body while experiencing physical improvement and conditioning. Yoga Meets Dance™ is also a lot of fun! As a Yoga Meets Dance™ participant, you’ll connect with others while exploring your boundless creative expression. Sign up for Lucy’s newsletter to receive notice of Yoga Meets Dance™ classes in your area, or check the classes and workshops calendar.

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